A Day In The Life On Hope Mountain

Written by Alex Ramirez “BAWKKK” my ears sting as I crack open my sleepy eyes. There are girls sitting up on their beds, others standing, some seem wide awake, and the rest are still half-asleep like me. The bright sun is shining in over the mountains through our two windows. Patches of pink, orange, andContinue reading “A Day In The Life On Hope Mountain”

We Move On and We Never Forget

I walked through the upstairs of our termite eaten house on Hope Mountain a few days ago. What used to be a place that was full of life now looks like a grave yard. The torn out walls revealed the culprit of the bothersome termite dust. Just enough termite wings lingered on the exposed beamsContinue reading “We Move On and We Never Forget”

Online all of the time…

This has been an interesting season of video conferencing, virtual prayer time, live church services online and texting at a substantially immense level! COVID-19 has most definitely altered our way of thinking and running this ministry. Though these changes have come as a result of a pandemic, they’ve made us at HOPE4DR better. Video conferencingContinue reading “Online all of the time…”

“I AM-Justice”

History swarms with events that validate the significance of justice. We see the majesty of justice unfold as the Israelites strut away from their oppressor. The might of justice is revealed as they walk on dry ground in the midst of the sea. I can’t count the times that I’ve stood on the shore gazingContinue reading ““I AM-Justice””