Reach Out and Believe…He’s Passing By

As I sit on my favorite chair in my special spot on our massive wrap around porch, I can’t help but rejoice in the sounds outside my gate. Little girls running and laughing and not far behind them, I hear their mom. She’s laughing too. The mom who no one believed in. The mom who simply yearnedContinue reading “Reach Out and Believe…He’s Passing By”

One Mom’s Legacy

You’ll find me at our mountain community’s “Mother’s Club” each Tuesday teaching a class. I’m teaching the moms about their value as woman and practical ways to teach these concepts to their daughters, granddaughter, nieces, etc. The ladies have responded extremely well to my class. Throughout the week they ask me if I’m teaching theContinue reading “One Mom’s Legacy”

The Calm During and After the Storm

There were strong winds beating down on H.O.P.E Mountain last night. The mighty gusts caused me to ponder on the power of the God who controlled the storm. His presence was in the midst of each heavy breeze. I could hear Him say, “I’m here. I’m in this tempest just as I’m in the whirlwindsContinue reading “The Calm During and After the Storm”

Christmas for Cien Fuegos

Sweet little faces represent the joy found behind the doors of Centro de Esperanza de Cien Fuegos. These lovely faces will more than likely see Christmas come and go without experiencing the happiness of the season if we don’t act now! Remember that these precious ones live at the city’s trash dump. Their parents makeContinue reading “Christmas for Cien Fuegos”

H.O.P.E for Cien Fuegos

English camp certificate Dirt roads ridden with potholes, a filthy river overcome with trash, no clean drinking water, prostitution, drug dealers, severe fungal infections, hunger and desperation are a few descriptions of Cien Fuegos. Driving to church from Cien Fuegos We drove some visiting pastors from the states through this territory a few weeks agoContinue reading “H.O.P.E for Cien Fuegos”