A Heartfelt Explanation

“She’s gone Vicki,” our ministry base cook could barely look me in the eyes, “you know, the young mother with cancer.” She lowered her head even more, “My niece.” Her voice cracked a little, “She didn’t make it.” “I’m so sorry,” I hugged her briefly. She isn’t a big hugger. She’s still learning to trustContinue reading “A Heartfelt Explanation”

Christmas for Cien Fuegos

Sweet little faces represent the joy found behind the doors of Centro de Esperanza de Cien Fuegos. These lovely faces will more than likely see Christmas come and go without experiencing the happiness of the season if we don’t act now! Remember that these precious ones live at the city’s trash dump. Their parents makeContinue reading “Christmas for Cien Fuegos”

H.O.P.E for Cien Fuegos

English camp certificate Dirt roads ridden with potholes, a filthy river overcome with trash, no clean drinking water, prostitution, drug dealers, severe fungal infections, hunger and desperation are a few descriptions of Cien Fuegos. Driving to church from Cien Fuegos We drove some visiting pastors from the states through this territory a few weeks ago andContinue reading “H.O.P.E for Cien Fuegos”

One Child Transformed, An Entire Community Renewed

As we continue with the community renewal that God has called us to in Cien Fuegos, we are reminded of the power of the transformation of one life. Sometimes we get caught up in the masses and we forget that eternal transformation many times is achieved one person at a time. As we trust GodContinue reading “One Child Transformed, An Entire Community Renewed”

An Education for the Children at our Center

In our efforts to ensure that each child in our center attends school, we drove through the dirt roads and alongside the dirty river where some of  them  bathe to visit with their mothers. We were shocked to hear that the local school district would not allow their children to attend school. As each momContinue reading “An Education for the Children at our Center”