One Mom’s Legacy

You’ll find me at our mountain community’s “Mother’s Club” each Tuesday teaching a class. I’m teaching the moms about their value as woman and practical ways to teach these concepts to their daughters, granddaughter, nieces, etc.

The ladies have responded extremely well to my class. Throughout the week they ask me if I’m teaching the next week and their faces light up when I tell them that I will.

Some pull me aside to tell me about how this class is changing their lives.

Every one of their lives matter. Each story gives me the push I need to keep going back each week. Each lady is absolutely precious. But there is one who takes me breath away.

One sweet thirty something year old woman who has cancer. A quiet gem who attends each week. She listens, she participates, she even takes notes!

So many other women  don’t come yet are physically able, but this lady walks each week to hear me say that she is valuable. She walks every week to hear me say that she can leave her children a legacy.

She wants to teach her children what she wasn’t taught. According to her doctors, she doesn’t have much time left. Everyone in the community talks about how she is a walking miracle. The doctor that lives up here can’t understand why she is able to walk. “Her numbers show that she should be on her death bed,” he says. “Yet she is up every day. I don’t understand why.”

This is the woman who never ceases to ask for prayer and who takes out her worn bible when we go to her house to pray. This is the woman who cries in God’s presence and is willing to accept whatever He allows in her life. This young woman of small children wants to leave them a legacy of truth.

She listens in order to speak. She learns in order to teach. She is unique. She fights to live each day. I’m thrilled that H.O.P.E Dominican Republic reached her before it was too late.

Every Tuesday afternoon our mountain school room is full of heroes called Mom. It’s an honor to serve them.

Published by Vicki Dominguez

As a believer of Jesus Christ, I purpose to follow Him into the darkest places so that His light can shine the brightest. I'm on a mission to shine His light to all who cross my path.

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